Consumer Fraud

Consumers have the right to be protected against the marketing and manufacturing of products and services that are harmful to health and life.  In choosing products and services consumers have the right to accurate information to make informed choices, and to be protected against fraudulent and misleading information, advertising, labeling and other practices.    When those rights are violated, consumers have the right to redress to have the problems corrected and to receive compensation.  Gancedo Law Firm understands what it takes to define corporate encroachment of consumer rights and has the experience to defend claimants when those rights are infringed.

Hector Gancedo of Gancedo Law Firm has vast experience in prosecuting a variety of class actions involving consumer claims and unfair business practices.  He has represented plaintiffs against national banks, telephone companies, insurance companies, retailers, cemeteries, entertainment conglomerates, publishing houses, electronics manufacturers, and others.  Mr. Gancedo has decades of experience in class action litigation, and has served as lead counsel and as a member of managing plaintiffs committees on numerous occasions.  Examples of his efforts include:

  • Represented trustees in a suit against a national bank for charging trust accounts illegal sweep fees.
  • Prosecuted private attorney general actions against insurance companies for charging illegal fees in connection with the sale of auto insurance.
  • Represented individuals who sought refunds on behalf of certain individuals who paid mortgage insurance premiums.
  • Represented a class of individuals against a clothing retailer for fictitious “sale” prices to consumers and conducting business deceptively under the guise of “outlet stores.”
  • Represented families of deceased family members over illegal cemetery practices.
  • Represented consumers against a national bank for illegally charged ATM fees.
  • Represented consumers against an electronics company for defective personal digital assistants.
  • Represented shareholders in claims against multinational companies for fraud and stock manipulation.

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