Dangerous Drugs / Medical Devices

In handling hundreds of cases against the giants of the pharmaceutical industry, the professionals at the Gancedo Law Firm have never encountered a company which professes to put profits over safety.  In all cases the mantra from the pharmaceutical industry is that the safety of the consumer comes first.  Despite this rhetoric, pharmaceutical companies do not always practice what they profess.  When that occurs, dangerous drugs and defective medical devices are placed in the marketplace to be consumed by the innocent and unsuspecting public.

Pharmaceutical companies are under immense pressure to get new products approved by the FDA.  They spend vast sums of money in research, development and testing to obtain government approval.  With so much at stake financially, and with pressure to get the approval quickly to get the most out of a product patent, unsound safety decisions are sometimes made to achieve rapid approval.  The fact that the FDA is challenged to properly police the countless drug and medical device applications due to limitations in staffing and funding, combined with the expedited  FDA application review process, increases the possibility that dangerous drugs and defective medical devices make their way to the marketplace.

The nature of the pharmaceutical industry, and it’s regulation by the Federal Food and Drug Administration, has resulted in the incidence of serious adverse events and death due to pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices increasing since 1998.  The professionals at the Gancedo Law Firm have championed the rights of injured consumers against pharmaceutical companies in the largest and highest profile pharmaceutical litigations.  We have achieved impressive results for our individual clients through our unflagging pursuit of justice and excellence.

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