Personal Injury / Bicycle Accidents

While cycling safety is improving as a result of motorist and cyclist education and awareness, bike lanes, and helmet use, bicycle accidents still occur at unacceptable rates.  Approximately two riders a day are killed in bicycle accidents involving other motorists.  Many more are a maimed or injured each year.   The Gancedo Law Firm is experienced in representing victims of cycling accidents, and is committed to neutralizing potential jury and general bias against cyclists to attain the best possible recovery for their clients.

Unfortunately, many victims of bicycle accidents are children and teenagers.  They represent the largest segment of active bicycle riders in the United States.  Young cyclists and old are vulnerable to serious injury or death by virtue of the disparate mass relationship between motor vehicle and bicycle, and the lack of protection a bicycle provides.  The force of impact and lack of protection lead to injuries to the spinal cord, neck and back as well as fractures and dislocation of limbs.  All cyclists increase their risk for serious injury such as skull fractures or brain injury by failing to wear a helmet, or wearing a helmet improperly fastened.

Many accidents involve collisions with negligent motorists who fail to keep a proper lookout for bicycles.  At times, cyclists can also be negligent in the operation of their bicycle and contribute to the accident.  Whether the accident is completely the fault of a negligent motorist, or fault is shared between the motorist and the cyclist, or if the accident was due to faulty road design or other road condition, the lawyers at the Gancedo Law Firm have the expertise to handle your claim and achieve the outcome you deserve.

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