Personal Injury / Pedestrian Accident

Each year tens of thousands of pedestrians are injured, and thousands of pedestrians are killed, in motor vehicle related accidents.  Driver inattention, vehicle speed, failure to obey traffic signs, failing to signal, and influence of drugs and alcohol all can be factors in drivers violating their duty of care to pedestrians.  Equally, pedestrians failure to keep a proper lookout and failing to give drivers a reasonable opportunity to yield may contribute to a pedestrian being struck by a motor vehicle.  At the Gancedo Law Firm we consider all factors in analyzing liability for a pedestrian accident, and work tirelessly to achieve the maximum available recovery for pedestrians’ medical damages, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

Not all pedestrian accidents involve motor vehicles.  Pedestrian may be injured as a result of poorly maintained walkways, defects in sidewalks and parking lots, or other hazards on public or private property.  In general, the owner, occupier or manager of property must use ordinary care and skill in the management of the property to avoid injuring others on or near the property.  When property owners, occupiers or managers fall short in that duty of care, an injured pedestrian may have a legal claim.

The attorneys at the Gancedo Law Firm are experienced pedestrian accident lawyers for pedestrians injured in motor vehicle related accidents and in property related accidents.  If you or someone  you know was involved in a pedestrian accident, contact the Gancedo Law Firm for a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation of your claim.  Our attorneys may be reached at 800/500-5735.