Personal Injury / Train Accidents

Train accidents occur frequently and have devastating consequences.  According to statistics of the Department of Transportation and the Federal Railroad Administration, there are more than 2,500 train accidents annually.  The sheer mass of trains, whether it be freight or passenger, heavy or light rail, commuter trains, or rapid transit systems, makes stopping a train difficult and ensures that train collisions often results in catastrophic injury and death.   Moreover, train accidents often harm neighboring communities and bystanders as when dangerous cargo is spilled.

Train accidents are varied and occur for a multitude of reasons.  There are derailments, collision with other trains, collision with motor vehicles and pedestrians, and collisions in protected and unprotected railroad crossings, to name a few.  Train accidents are often caused by human error, mechanical failure, or obstructions on tracks.  In each situation there may be liability assessed for which victims may recover for their losses.

The nature of train accidents – multiple resulting injuries and claims — often results in legal claims being handled collectively before one court in one jurisdiction.  The lawyers at the Gancedo Law Firm have vast experience in handling individual claims in a collective setting, and our expertise in this area has resulted in our appointment by various courts to leadership roles in such cases.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a train accident – as a passenger, other driver, or bystander – please contact the lawyers at the Gancedo Law Firm for a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation of your claim.  At the Gancedo Law Firm we do not charge a fee unless we obtain a recovery for you.  Please call us at 800/500-5735.