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Hector Gancedo of the Gancedo Law Firm is a recognized name in the national legal community in three principal areas: product liability litigation, personal injury law, and consumer claims as a result of unscrupulous business practices.  In product liability litigation, the professionals of the Gancedo Law Firm have represented clients throughout the country in actions against the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

The lawyers of the Gancedo Law Firm have achieved noteworthy results in the most high profile pharmaceutical cases in the past 15 years.  In personal injury law, the Gancedo Law Firm has successfully handled all types of personal injury claims, but we are perhaps most known for our work on behalf of injured riders of motorcycles.  In the area of unfair business practices, the lawyers of the Gancedo Law Firm has been appointed lead counsel in nationwide class actions on behalf of individuals with claims of defective products, unlawful labor practices, and deceptive business practices.  Our efforts in these areas have led to substantial results on behalf of our clients.